Dues.   Annual dues entitles all family members to a basic family House membership, including bar privileges, attendance at Club dinner events and functions, restaurant service and use of the sailboats.  There is a Restaurant per season minimum which can be used for food and drink. There are additional charges for other Club facilities.  Children’s group sailing lessons are offered for an additional charge for the season.  Adult sailing lessons are also available.  Total tennis fees depend on the number and age of the family tennis players.

There is a one-time initiation fee, however, this fee is waived until the second year of membership.  This allows interested parties to join the Club on a one-year trial basis to see if it suits their needs.  

Private Use Of Clubhouse.  During the off-season, the Clubhouse is available to Club members for private parties. The off-season is that time prior to the first Friday Night Barbecue and starts up again after Labor Day. During the regular season the Club may not be used for private parties.  Private parties are described as those that require the exclusive use of either the bar area or the main dining room (the big room). Private parties can be booked by members only and are subject to Board approval.  There is a rental fee and security deposit required for off-season private parties. The present rental fee is $500 and the security deposit is $1,000. Other special use of the Clubhouse may be available for unusual Community/Village functions, which require prior approval by the Commodore. 

Introductory Use By Non-Member Village Resident.   Present rules do not permit non-member Saltaire and other Fire Island Community residents to be guests of members for any Club functions or use of Club facilities. There is a one-time exception for such described guest to accompany a member for use of the restaurant. This exception is allowed in order to give eligible prospective members an opportunity to look the Club over. This is apart from other guest rules that may apply to non-Saltaire or other Fire Island Community residents. Guests must be accompanied by their host member to all functions of the Club, including dining and bar services.

Contacts For Questions

  • If you have any questions about your restaurant payments call Mindi Frittola at 516-326-7720 ext. 200
  • If you have questions about dues payments call Steve Kunreuther at 516-326-7720