Patrick Boutier stepped in the kitchen following his grandmother and mother in pure French tradition; he started cooking from the age of six and followed his family in restaurants and occasions at home. Although the restaurant idea was not very far in his mind, he chose to study law and, later, accounting and business. His early career path went from banking to sales; he even worked as CFO of a medium size printing shop in the center of France where he had to manage the whole financial operations and a restructuration.

The ground breaking change came in 1999, when he decided to move to in New York City. After an intensive seven month training in AFPA culinary school in famed Lyon (France), and internships in Boulogne and Tours (Jean Bardet Relais Chateaux, 3 stars Michelin), he began cooking in December 1999 at Terrace in the Sky in New York on the line as sauté cook then Chef de Partie; in the following years, more diverse experiences and higher goals were attained: Chef de partie in the opening crew for the Modern in the Museum of Modern Art, Executive Sous Chef at Giovanni Rana and Landmark in New York, Executive Chef at Cheyenne Ridge Lodge in South Dakota. Along the way, he met and drew a great part of his culinary inspiration from friends and mentors such as Chef Gabriel Kreuther, Chef Marc Aumont, and Chef Derek Hunt.

In 2005, he reoriented toward the catering side of the business, working as freelance chef for well known caterers: Creative Edge, Hudson Yards Catering, Restaurant Associates, Olivier Cheng Catering, among others, adding consulting and a solid private chef experience to the mix in 2007 and 2008. In this period, he took part in over 350 events as production chef, assistant chef or head party chef for parties ranging from 10 to 3200 guests.

Behind his food there are few but strong guidelines: simplicity, goodness and well-being, high in flavors and colors, and a touch of sophistication. Though his home base is classical French cuisine, he revels in mixing influences from Japan, Mexico, and Vietnam to Mediterranean and American. With a keen eye to details and absolute dedication to excellent service, he likes to offer great original dishes with respect of the products and ingredients.